In the Jewish community spoke out against euthanasia

Judaism disapproves of euthanasia even in the case of severe illness, said the chief Rabbi of Moscow Pinchas Goldschmidt at the meeting in the online project "5 o'clock with the Russian Jewish Congress."

A webinar held this week, was devoted to the theme of death: in connection with the mass deaths from COVID-19. The organizers of the webinar specify what "fear of death due to quarantine, epidemic and measures of protection."

"If a person is dying, you can discuss with doctors and relatives, whether there is still time to "revive", to connect person to ventilator. But if it is already "enabled", disable it – so, actively help someone die before. In Judaism it is a big problem, this can not be done," said Goldschmidt.

He cited the example of Ariel Sharon, who, according to the Rabbi for a long time "lived in a coma".

Former Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon died on 11 January 2014. In 2006 he was in a coma after suffering a stroke.