Rosturizm has promised to soften the requirements to the work of the sanatoriums

Requirements for the work of the sanatorium-resort complex of Russia in the period of isolation will gradually wear off, depending on the improvement of the situation, said the head of the Federal Agency for tourism of sarin doguzova, speaking at an online meeting of the group of the faction "United Russia".

She told me that Rostourism and Rospotrebnadzor are now hard to develop recommendations for all actors of the industry to exit from quarantine.

"In sanatorium institutions with the CPS, we managed to come to a balanced and adequate for the current situation recommendations. We know that there are several heavy and expensive requirements, but at this stage it is difficult to offer more lightweight options," commented doguzova.

"With the improvement of the situation and exit quarantine measures, in consultation with the CPS we will with these requirements to mitigate", - promised the head of the Federal tourism Agency.

A number of regions of the Russian Federation has announced the beginning of work of health centers, but with certain restrictions. For example, on Thursday, the Governor of Krasnodar Krai Veniamin Kondratiev in connection with positive dynamics of the situation with coronavirus confirmed the opening of all resorts of the region, with melitensia from 1 June. Open all health centers, not only in the coastal cities, for a total of about 200. But they must strictly observe the regulations of the CPS: will have to organize transfers of guests to control their movements, to inform all visitors about local administration. Guests must have, in particular, the inquiry about absence of coronavirus.

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