The insurer is required to pay him 20 million for a hole in the work of Picasso

. The insurer, Steadfast, filed a lawsuit against the company T. F. Nugent, which has damaged the self "Sailor" of the famous painter Pablo Picasso, according to Artnet.

In may 2018 collector Steve Wynn withdrew the painting from auction at Christie's in new York, after an employee of the contractor T. F. Nugent, painting the walls in the gallery Christie's, accidentally dropped a paint roller and made a hole with a diameter slightly over 11 centimeters in the work of Picasso.

Now, the insurer requires that the construction company reimbursed him of 18.74 million dollars for their negligence, plus court costs. The statement reads that the contractor has violated a verbal agreement with Christie's and "not treated with due care to carry out their task of painting the rooms of the gallery".

Before the incident, Wynn expected to sell a Picasso for less than $ 70 million.

Christie's has paid for the restoration of the fragment a little more than 487 thousand dollars.

The company Steadfast hired two experts to assess the impact damage on the value of the painting in 1943. In their opinion, the work that was originally to cost about $ 100 million, after this case was 20% (or 20 million) cheaper.

On the basis of these figures, Christie's agreed with the companies Wynn – Sierre Fine Art – on payment to her of 18.74 million dollars. The money reimbursed the auction house insurer.

This is not the first incident of its belonging to Steve Winno works of Picasso. So in 2006, he accidentally stabbed the elbow of the painting "the Dream", which had intended to sell it for 139 million dollars.