The richest man in the world revealed the secret of the success of their company

Amazon founder and the richest man in the world Jeff Bezos was named the main factor for the company's constant attention to the customers. He told this in an interview with Business Insider.

According to him, if all attention is focused on competitors, you can quickly lose motivation.

"Already ahead of you — why do you run? If you are fixated on customers if this is your motivation, it is very stable," — said the businessman.

However, he added that even customers leading companies are constantly dissatisfied with something.

According to Bezos, the main question which should be answered by every entrepreneur: "What will not change for 10 years?"

He explained that the creators of companies can build a strategy around what will remain stable for a long period.

Forbes estimates the fortune of Jeff Bezos of 143 billion dollars. Earlier analysts of the service Comparisum predicted that by 2026 it will become the world's first dollar trillionaire.

In mid-April, the market capitalization of Amazon amounted to 1.14 trillion dollars, which was a record figure for the company.