In the Voronezh region will prolong the regime of self-isolation until June 15

Authorities in Voronezh region will be extended until June 15 introduced in the region due to the spread of coronavirus infection mode of isolation, said the regional government.

In the Voronezh region in March introduced the mode of increased readiness because of the coronaviruses and the mode of universal isolation. Restrictive measures were prolonged until the end of may, and may 12, in the region entered mask mode. Authorities 20 may announced the first stage of the Voronezh region from regime of restrictions planned in early June to begin the second phase, however, the region began the growing number of cases per day. Over the past day the number of patients with confirmed coronavirus infection was a record - 110.

According to the latest data, in the Voronezh region the coronavirus was confirmed in 1753 people. Died on 18 patients, including three foreign nationals. Recovered 1293.

Currently in the field in hospitals isolated 1018 patients with a confirmed diagnosis or suspected infection, under observation at home are 3120 people.

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