The turnover of the Moscow enterprises increased, despite the limitations

The turnover of enterprises the Moscow weekly increases despite the limitations due to the coronavirus, said the Deputy mayor of Moscow for economic policy and property and land relations Vladimir Yefimov.

"I can already tell that most of the companies have shifted to a new model. And if we are at the beginning of the restrictions at the end of March saw a sharp decline in turnover by neprodovolstvennyh, at the moment we see that weekly turnover increases by 8-10%. Today it already exceeds the trade, which was a year earlier over the same period," said Efimov in an interview to the information centre to monitor the situation with coronavirus.

He noted that small businesses also show a positive trend.

"There is also a positive dynamics in revenue from small businesses, over the last week it has increased by 20%, which is also a very good indicator, and suggests that given the new realities entrepreneurs have adapted and switched to remote work, delivery of their goods and offer their services in a new format," he added.

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