In the Leningrad region during the occupation, killed 140 thousand people

. More than 140 thousand people were killed and 250 thousand of the slaves during the Nazi occupation of territories in the Leningrad region, told journalists the Director of the Leningrad regional state archive of Julia Kropotova.

According to her, is currently completing the first phase of work on volume in the Leningrad region the collection of archival documents about the great Patriotic war "Without time limitation".

"If we talk about Leningrad oblast, then during the occupation, according to the generalized information that is preserved in the documents of the Commission of the Leningrad region, more than 140 thousand people were killed during the occupation, and 250 thousand were enslaved. And this dry official figures which were actually created by the Commission based on the volume of documents that we have tried to include in the collection. And now, 75 years later, only these documents can testify how this happened," she said during an online briefing dedicated to the presentation of the volume in the Leningrad region.

She noted that the volume in the Leningrad region is "a comprehensive view of the crimes committed against the civilian population on the territory of the region."

"Sometimes organizing documents was extremely difficult. The fact that the actions of the occupation authorities could not cover one aspect. It was a whole complex of measures, directed not only to the physical destruction of civilians, but even to the moral suppression... Now, when the documents are merged into one publication, we can say that we have formed a detailed picture on the basis of archival documents, and we can talk about a comprehensive picture of the situation in the occupied territories of the Leningrad region... All documents are divided into six themes, which cover different types of crimes, that the punitive operation against the civilian population, destruction of hunger, crimes against childhood, forced labor, extermination of citizens that were in hospitals" - told Kropotova.