In Chelyabinsk will check up the data to physicians from the store for dancing

The Prosecutor's office organized verification of the information that employees of emergency medical care in Chelyabinsk issued as workwear store-bought dance costumes, said on Thursday the press center of the Prosecutor of the region.

In the course of Supervisory activities, the Prosecutor's office will assess the legality of actions of management of medical institutions for the issuance of costumes, "Kasper plus" as workwear for working with patients, the report States. If there are grounds for the audit will be resolved the question of the measures of prosecutorial response.

As reported a press-service of administration of Chelyabinsk, means of individual protection "Casper" sews LLC "World of dance". The report States that these overalls are very comfortable. "More convenient and more effective than disposable surgical gowns, the density of the material in which 20 to 30 g/m2. Overalls personal protection "Casper" is much denser (42 g/m2), a fully closed person and does not swing open while moving", - explained in the message.

Since the infection occurs mainly by airborne droplets and by contact, the physician, in addition to the jumpsuit, wears Shoe covers, gloves, goggles, mask, respirator, and all this is in laying ambulances, adds a press-service.