The case of the death of an African American in Minneapolis announced a particularly important

The U.S. Department of justice announced the death of an African-American George Floyd in Minneapolis died after harsh treatment of the police, a matter of special importance.

"The Ministry of justice has assigned investigation priority and instructed his experienced prosecutors and FBI investigators," - said in the message published on the website of the Ministry of justice.

It is reported that the investigation will determine he violated the actions of the police officers Federal law.

Earlier in social networks there was video showing the detention of a resident of Minneapolis, George Floyd. The video shows that for Floyd, who lies on the ground, already handcuffed, and one of the policemen holding him, pressed his neck with his knee. Floyd and several times repeats that can't breathe, and then pauses. As reported by the police, Floyd found sitting on a car while intoxicated. It was decided to arrest, he resisted.

When this information became widespread, the leadership of the city police announced the dismissal of four guards who took part in the arrest. The mayor of Minneapolis, Jacob Frey has called for the arrest of a COP who got a knee on the neck of the detainee. The President of the United States Donald trump instructed to accelerate the investigation of the incident.