Users do not know of the Kardashian sisters on an old photo

. American TV star Kim Kardashian posted on instagram an old family photograph with her sisters (Courtney, Chloe, Kendall and Kylie) posing beside younger brother Rob. However, users did not immediately understand who is who in this picture.

She said when they were photographed. It is possible that the graduation of their brother, because Rob is dressed in a bright shirt and tie, and Kylie Jenner, which a few years became the youngest billionaire in the world, fooling around in the mortarboard.

But many more interested in how much over the years has changed the style star of the family themselves.

"Who are all these people?" asked @beautiful__daee.

"At first I thought that Kendall is Selena Gomez," commented @therealtaniii.

"They do not know in this picture," — says @lizswinter.

"I'm a little confused, seeing how much has changed Kim and Chloe. Before that, they were natural and beautiful," wrote @carlin9040.

"None of you now never looks" — join the discussion @tylerjones869.

And although the Kardashian sisters are trying not to discuss the subject of plastic surgery, it is known that they corrected the shape of the nose, increased lips, Breasts, buttocks, and occasionally injections with fillers or Botox. Of course, with the stars of the reality show a team of stylists, makeup artists and photographers.