The atrocities of the Nazis at Leningrad: explosives in toys and poison to patients

The German and Finnish invaders in the Leningrad oblast during the great Patriotic war were repaired monstrous atrocities against civilians: the mentally ill killed, sticking them with poison, and children were destroyed, throwing toy airplanes filled with explosives.

This is stated in the regional Federal security service declassified the archival documents consulted by RIA Novosti. The documents consist mainly of the special reports of the security organs and internal Affairs of the war years.

So, in the Krasnogvardeisky district of the Leningrad region by the Nazi invaders and their accomplices 20 Nov 1941 killed about 850 patients of the psychiatric hospital named Kashchenko.

The German command decided to release the hospital from all patients to use for their needs. "Hitler will not allow the German soldiers were in poor conditions, and Russian pigs would be in the lovely room. Send patients to the barnyard" — said the German General-inspector, whose words are reported.

Doomed to death patients injected the poison under the skin — this was done at Hitler's accomplices, among whom were the doctors of the hospital. The corpses were taken to the district of a nearby village Streams, where they were buried in the antitank ditch. For the sake of secrecy all the way to this place, the Germans closed.

In the fall of 1943, when approaching the liberation of the Leningrad region from invaders, the Nazis tried to hide traces of the committed atrocities. They made several prisoners of war to dig up the corpses and burn. After that, prisoners were herded into a barn and burned alive themselves.

In the Leningrad region and committed atrocities not only German, but also Finnish invaders. The declassified documents describes how the Finnish military destroyed the civilian population of the villages of Pargolovo district. There was no military or industrial objects, specified in one of the messages, and because the shelling and bombing was aimed "solely to kill civilians — children, women, the elderly."

With sophisticated sadism of the Finnish invaders destroyed the young children — for that was used toys.

"Not satisfied with shelling and bombing from the air, the Finnish bastards used forms of evil atrocities in the form of a drop from planes toys that were stuffed with explosives, and at the time when children are raised these toys, there is an explosion in which the children died or got hurt, remaining crippled" — it is told in the message.

Fascist, the invaders were appointed prefects in the occupied settlements of Leningrad region.

"Immediately after the occupation of settlements by the Germans made the appointment, and on rare occasions, when the Germans have prepared for this position candidates, the election of elders. Elders are selected from anti-Soviet elements, former kulaks, the clergy, traitors, or from among Finns and Estonians," reads one of spetsobuvi.

The duties of headmen included the account of the population, livestock and products, and assisting the Nazis in looting. Initially, the accounting was limited to the census by name, even without the presentation of documents and is designed to identify the able-bodied and "suspicious" persons. Subsequently, the heads were held a secondary account in which he had passports and other documents, in the absence of which people were immediately imprisoned in concentration camps.

In order to avoid infiltration of "suspicious" individuals in areas with large concentrations of German troops, almost the entire population were evicted from their homes and moved to rear areas.

All actions of the occupiers were designed to maximize the use of able-bodied local population for their purposes, primarily for construction of military facilities and the restoration of communications. People were forced to harvest, which was selected in favor of the German army. For the needs of the Wehrmacht, the population collected food, clothes and shoes.

Here the invaders mocked young people. "Waste products and scraps the Germans give the children. Queues for them are photographed to display their "charity," reads one of the documents.

Among declassified documents published for the first time the indictment from December 1965 in respect of the traitor, a former Punisher of Basil Valley, which was captured in September 1941, "won the special confidence" of the Nazis and served them until April 1945.

First, the Valley served in the German commandant's office occupied the village Oredezh, and in early 1943 volunteered for service in the punitive unit DM. "Joined the group most loyal to the fascist authorities of the traitors", — the document says.

The indictment describes in detail the numerous crimes committed by Dolinin. On his conscience was the lives of many innocent people — women, elderly, children, and partisans, of which the Valleys of personally brutally tortured and ruthlessly executed in the area of the manor Vasilkovich. So, in 1943, he participated in the executions of several dozen civilians of Roma nationality.

In 1944, fleeing the advancing red Army, Valleys fled to Tallinn, and from there were transported by the Nazis to Riga, and later in Yugoslavia, where he fought against partisans. In April 1945 surrendered to American forces, changing the name. Later hid in different parts of the Soviet Union, but was caught and in 1966 he was shot by sentence of the court.