Why do Americans BioLAB in Central Asia and the Caucasus

"The United States was implementing a military-biological activity around the world, including along our borders," — said Sergey Lavrov at the meeting of foreign Ministers of the CSTO. Moscow has long been concerned about biological security of neighbouring countries. In Kazakhstan, Armenia and Tajikistan, the Americans established a network of biological laboratories. Especially many questions from the Russian authorities to the center the name Lugar in Georgia. Why is all this necessary Washington understood RIA Novosti.

The first infection with coronavirus in Kazakhstan was recorded at the beginning of March. Authorities have closed the border and imposed a state of emergency. On the Internet rumors that the virus may be associated with the bio-laboratory, which in 2016 on the South-East of the country built by the Americans.

The Alma-ATA Central reference laboratory (TSRL) specializiruetsya on the study characteristic for Kazakhstan strains of viruses. Operates on the base of Kazakh scientific center for quarantine and zoonotic infections, is subordinate to the Ministry of health of the Republic. Is the property of Kazakhstan, although built by the Pentagon. To this object the United States has allocated 108 million dollars.

Washington explained: in the region are the us military and research will help to defend against unknown viral infections.

At the summits of the CSTO, CIS and SCO Moscow has repeatedly stated that Americans can use these labs against Russian interests. But the Kazakh authorities argued that in the work of local biologists, no one intervenes.

"The participation of foreign scientists only valid if conducted joint research and projects grants," explained in TSRL.

In 2018 in Kazakhstan significantly increased the incidence of meningitis, and in Alma-ATA started talking about the leak of a strain of meningococcal disease from TSRL. Journalists and bloggers seriously wrote that the Americans deliberately allowed the spread of the virus. Thus, they allegedly wanted to test the effectiveness of the developed in the laboratory of biological weapons.

The Ministry of health of Kazakhstan assured that no epidemic there. "In Kazakhstan, 58 cases of meningitis, from them in Almaty — 32. If we calculate relative indicators, that is, by the standards of the who, they are low", — stated in Department.

With a coronavirus similar story. The authorities denied the conspiracy and urged not to panic.

In Soviet times, the Institute of Microbiology of the Armenian SSR was considered the largest centre of Microbiology. In the nineties scientific developments of the Institute were interested in the US and the UK. Armenian specialists were invited for internships in the Western countries.

In the zero, the Americans helped establish in the country a few biological laboratories. Money, as in Kazakhstan, singled out the Pentagon. The upgrading of the Armenian National center for control and prevention of diseases has spent ten million dollars.

Built in Yerevan, Gurmi, Vanadzor, Martuni, Ijevan and research centers studying the characteristic of the Caucasus region viruses and strains.

Laboratories included in the system of health of Armenia, but the Agency reduce threats to U.S. Department of defense has access. In addition to local experts, there are working Americans.

The closeness of the biological laboratories in Armenia has led to criticism of Moscow. To dispel doubts, last fall the Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan agreed to sign a Memorandum of cooperation with Russian specialists. Agreed on the details, but at the last moment the Armenian side refused from this document.

In the 2010s, American biologists drew attention to another member of the CSTO, Tajikistan. They were concerned about adverse health conditions that may lead to outbreak of infectious diseases. Some Western foundations have allocated money for the establishment of research centres.

So, in 2013, on the basis of the Gastroenterology Institute in Dushanbe has opened a laboratory for biological security. The project was financed by a French charity Fund merje, to build such facilities in China, Myanmar, Bangladesh and African countries.

The French, as a rule, helped the UN and the United States Agency for international development USAID. They have invested over three million dollars.

In 2019 has established a laboratory of the Republican centre of tuberculosis control. The conference was sponsored by the USAID and the Pentagon. Local biologists with the participation of foreign colleagues are studying are typical for Central Asia of disease, such as tuberculosis, malaria, hepatitis and cholera.

Last year in the North of Tajikistan in Isfara town opened another facility. Information about it a little, financed again by the Americans.

"In Central Asia and to the coronavirus, the epidemiological situation was difficult. The region is characterized by outbreaks of hepatitis, cholera, tuberculosis, so the new biological laboratory is required. They need funds. Without foreign assistance is necessary," explains RIA Novosti Director of the Center for political studies in Dushanbe Abdugani Mamadazimov.

Tajik expert sees nothing suspicious in activity of Americans. "But they are always the first responder. If, after the coronavirus Russia, China or the EU will actively help the region in the fight against the virus, the authorities of the republics will support it," — said the expert.

Georgia is not part of the CSTO bordered by Russia and plays a key role in the Caucasus. The concern of Moscow is the Research center of public health, and Richard Lugar. Russian authorities believe that bio lab near Tbilisi acts in the interests of Americans.

Suspicions have arisen not on an empty place. In September 2018 the former Minister of state security of Georgia Igor Giorgadze said that the lab could conduct experiments on people, and provided documents which showed that dozens of people treated at the center Lugar, has died. There were three biologists working for private American firms — CH2M Hill, Battelle, and Metabiota, executing the orders of the Pentagon.

Giorgadze drew attention to the high level of biological protection laboratory. Moreover, the center offers "equipment for the spraying of harmful substances and ammunition with biologically active material." "Why should an institution whose purpose is the protection of the population, such things?" — asked the ex-Minister.

In Moscow I heard. The head of the Department for nonproliferation and arms control Ministry of foreign Affairs Vladimir Yermakov said that Russia will not tolerate U.S. biological experiments on its borders.

The Pentagon charges Giorgadze was absurd. In Tbilisi claimed that the laboratory is engaged in the peaceful development and no experiments on people not talking. The Georgian authorities were not against the visit, Lugar Russian specialists. But these plans fell through due to last year's crisis in relations between the two countries.

"Georgia was never interested in studies of physico-chemical biology. And the information that this lab — high-end biological protection of personnel, raise questions. Why engage in such heavy pathogens?" — says in an interview with RIA Novosti doctor of biological Sciences, Professor, Siberian Federal University Nikolay Sedov.