In Lithuania the search engines banned perezahoranivayut soldiers of the red army

The search engines from the Association of military history "Forgotten soldiers" were forbidden to look up and perezahoranivayut the remains of red army soldiers. About it in interview to the correspondent of Sputnik Lithuania said the head of the organization Viktor Orlov.

According to him, to engage in search activities and had not been easy, but now the legislation has tightened even more.

Orlov said that when he gave the remains of the soldiers for examination, whenever criminal proceedings on the fact of murder, and he took on him the main accused. Then, of course, closed. But there was at least an opportunity to bury the red army soldiers. And now the experts do not cooperate with the Association.

To excavate, you need a basis for such work. It is necessary to conclude contracts, to invite the archeologist and pay for his services – a few thousand euros per square meter. To exhume the remains of the search engines are not eligible.

Everything today can be done by the Association "Forgotten soldiers" is to gather information, organize archival data in order to respond promptly to the queries interested in the fate of their ancestors. And to put in order the graves of red army soldiers.

On the territory of Lithuania about 300 military graves. They are in decline and at any moment they can start to demolish under the pretext that the crumbling monuments pose a threat.

The Association of "Forgotten soldiers" are regularly faced with opposition from the Lithuanian authorities. In February last year, she won a lawsuit against the Department for cultural heritage, which ruled on the demolition of the headstone from the grave of the unknown soldier in the village Grabijolai. Wanted to remove it as "illegally installed". Earlier search engines were able to prevent the demolition of monument to Soviet soldiers in Antakalnis cemetery in Vilnius.

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