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Experts have told how much is a tour at sea in the first week of August

Prices for seven-day tours to the seaside resorts departing in the first week of August starts from 25 thousand rubles, according to ATOR.

Analytics found out how much it will cost the rest of Russia, Turkey and Tanzania. Domestic tourism is cheaper. Now the minimum rates of weekly tours to the Crimea and the Krasnodar territory in August fluctuate in the range 25 to 32 thousand rubles for two with airfare. Compared with July fell tours in Kaliningrad.

In exotic countries told when and how to receive tourists

Plan Philippines from August 1 to let the foreigners in possession of a valid long-term visas, but the new documents yet to be collected, according to TourDom.

Guests also will have to advance to find and book a place to pass the quarantine and to arrange a test COVID-19.