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In Spain, the turtle began to lay eggs on the beaches of the Costa Brava

Several organizations involved in biodiversity conservation on the Mediterranean coast of Spain, discovered the egg laying of sea turtles on the beaches from the Costa Brava to the Strait of Gibraltar, according to Europulse.

This year because of the pandemic, the number of tourists on the coast had declined. Scientists believe that this year has encountered more than the usual turtle laying about 100 nests at the beach. Although usually for these purposes the animals choose sparsely populated areas.

Scientists have been able to save from extinction the giant tortoises

After a 55-year-old program of reproduction in captivity 15 giant Galapagos tortoises returned to their habitat, according to Lonelyplanet.

The Galapagos national Park was created 60 years ago. View giant tortoises of Hispaniola was on the verge of extinction on the island was only 15 individuals. Then I created a program for the reproduction of these animals in captivity.