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In Thailand a drunk woman undressed and desecrated Buddhist temple

In Thailand, the tourist has angered local residents, naked climbing on a Buddhist temple in Chiang Mai, reports The Sun.

The footage, shot by passers-by, captured 28-year-old Farah Haque from Bangladesh. She sits naked on the railing, drinking from beer cans and rudely expressed.

Two British women made a round trip on the bike for 263 days

Two women from the UK got into the Guinness Book of world records for the fastest voyage around the world on a tandem Bicycle, reports Upi.

Recordsmens name is kat Dixon and Times of Marsden, both of them more than 50 years. They started from Oxford on 29 June 2019, and returned to London on 18 March 2020. Every day they drove 50-60 miles.

In Australia, the owls fell in the black list of the hotel for bad behavior

In one of the hotels in Queensland two EMUs learned to climb the steps and began to disturb guests, for which he was denied access to a hotel, according to Travel and Leisure.

Ostriches name is Kevin and Carol, they grew up nearby. Previously, poultry was a local landmark, but then become a burden to guests. EMU learned how to climb stairs and began to steal food and personal items at the hotel. So, one of them stole the car keys and looked inside the bathroom.

Altai has become the main destination for active tourism in Russia

Tours to Altai this summer have booked four times more often than in the same period last year, according to data Biletix.

The average check for the tickets to Altai decreased by 43 percent — from 19 thousand to 11 thousand rubles.

It turned out, as the tourists will in the future travel to Europe

Passengers travelling through Europe will be required to wear protective masks on Board aircraft and at airports, according to Lonelyplanet.

No mask, no flight. To this solution came from EU officials. The Minister of transport of Germany Andreas Scheuer said that representatives of different EU countries have been able to reach agreement on common standards. It must now be approved by the Ministers.

Tour operators believe that soon Tunisia will open for the Russians

In the Russian Union of travel industry suggest that after Turkey, Britain and Tanzania for Russian travelers, opens Tunisia, according to Tourdom.

Representatives of retail travel companies have expressed their opinion that support for outbound tourism it would be good to open this country. Now for Tunisia Russian tourists remain in the "red" zone, that is, denied the right of entry. However, the situation is changing rapidly. A list of States for which the borders are constantly updated.

Experts told when on the plane the risk of Contracting the most

The probability to be infected by the coronavirus in the plane above all at the time of landing and disembarkation of passengers, reports the Express.

Gradually, the flights return to everyday life, but many tourists are worried about their health.

Named the most popular bus routes summer

The most popular bus route in the country was the flight Moscow – Rostov-on-don, according to tutu.ru.

Analytical center service has studied the sale of tickets for buses this summer and to compare the obtained data with the similar period of last year. Experts have identified a significant change of the twenty most popular destinations.

In exotic countries told when and how to receive tourists

Plan Philippines from August 1 to let the foreigners in possession of a valid long-term visas, but the new documents yet to be collected, according to TourDom.

Guests also will have to advance to find and book a place to pass the quarantine and to arrange a test COVID-19.

Tourists are told what the in-flight service prefer

Most travelers prefer to get the flight they served women: stewardesses like 68 percent and the stewards only 32 percent, according to a survey OneTwoTrip.

In the survey of service participated 2632 person.

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