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The doctor called the disease, which indicates high temperature in the evenings

Therapist, cardiologist, endocrinologist Tatiana Romanenko in an interview with the newspaper "Arguments and Facts" told about what may indicate the increase in temperature in the evening hours.

The specialist noted that the norm for the evening can be considered a rise in body temperature to 37 degrees. Is alarmed at the increase to 37.5. The reasons of this phenomenon may be physiological: exercise, hot meals or certain medicines, the condition of PMS, the use of alcohol.

Dr. Komorowski spoke about the unusual way to escape the heat

The scarf can be used for cooling in the heat, said Dr. and broadcaster Eugene Komorowski in his instagram.

"When the real heat when there is nowhere to go, almost the most effective way to avoid overheating, to avoid heat stroke is to use scarves around the neck.