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In Mumbai on the path noticed a huge Python

Locals in Mumbai was frightened by the appearance of a three meter Python on a pedestrian footpath, reports NDTV.

The snake was spotted in Maharashtra nature Park is an oasis in the middle of the slums and skyscrapers of the largest city of the country. Local residents during a walk saw on a path of greenery crawled three-meter Python. It is not poisonous, but because of its considerable size still caused consternation among the witnesses.

American found in a toilet snake

A resident of Fort Collins, Colorado, found in his toilet snake crawling out of the toilet, reports KDVR.

Miranda Stewart noted that it was always her worst nightmare. In the evening she went to the toilet, but the flush was not working. Then the girl bent down to see what had happened. And the head of the snake appeared on the surface.

In India, took video of the fight a giant snake

The lens came two male gray tree-climbing snakes, or rat snakes that fought for territory and females, reported NDTV.

Officer of the Indian forest service Susanta Nanda shared on social networks this video. The footage shows that the struggle of males starts in the water.

In India, a local resident found in the air conditioner nest of snakes

In India, a local resident found the bedroom air-40 snakes, reports the Tribune India.

Farmer Shradhanand living in a village near the town of Meerut, on returning home, found on the floor of the bedroom of a small snake. He threw the reptile out of the house, but then in bed found three more.