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Nutritionist revealed the mortal danger of rapid weight loss

Rapid weight loss there is a sharp release of toxins in the blood and the body etched with your own fat. About this in an interview with TV channel "360" told the dietitian Elena Astakhova.

The specialist explained that fat people is a "secondary compartment" of toxins. In case the liver can not cope with intoxication, it removes all the fatty tissue. The doctor advises to avoid the extra restrictions of supply.

Called a simple product that helps to lose weight

Spanish nutritionist Aitor Sanchez told La Vanguardia about the benefits of eating eggs for weight loss.

He noted that although this product has no fat-burning properties, its inclusion in the diet is associated with lower rates of overweight and obesity. According to nutritionist, increasing protein intake, particularly from nutrient-dense foods, which include eggs, helps to get enough.

Nutritionist called habits that help to lose weight

Australian nutritionist Leanne ward gave some tips on how to shape dreams and keep the desired weight, reports the Daily Mail.

Ward was advised to get rid of the habit of stress-eating and bad mood — instead she offered to find something, for example, go for a walk or to read.

Named products, without which it is impossible to lose weight

Weight loss is impossible without the fiber, so the menu should be a lot of vegetables, said "Evening Moscow" dietitian Elena Solomatina.

She explained that dietary fiber fat is removed.