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Ex-participant of "factory of stars" harshly criticized the winner of the show

Ex-participant of "factory of stars" Rita Dakota in his instagram harshly criticized the winner of the seventh season of the show Anastasia Prikhodko.

According to the actress, her former rival for the project was shared fascist views. With her, the singer is constantly "fought and fought". Moreover, among the participants of the show were and others disagree with Prikhodko. So, one of the politically incorrect jokes of the future the winner of the project to address black women from Astrakhan Cornelia Mango led to the fact that she threw in her Bank energy.

Australian cities have been protests against racism

Protests in support of the movement Black Lives Matter, anti-violence against black people marched Saturday in several Australian cities, reports SBS News.

According to him, demonstrations were held in cities such as Brisbane, Darwin, Perth and Adelaide, and due to the weakening associated with the coronavirus of restrictions on their conduct was allowed.

Black shouldn't be here. Why African Americans disappear from the advertising

Away with the labels — welcome on the cover: in the United States began a large-scale rebranding of goods, reminiscent of the days of slavery. The company diligently trying to distance itself from racism, magazines invite African Americans on the front pages and fashion houses on the catwalks. However, the sincerity of such a policy many doubt.

Black fat girl with shiny cheeks and a wide smile takes care of the children more than his own family. Generation American fans pancakes and syrups imagined "aunt Jemima" — a symbol of the brand, owned by Quaker Foods.

Experts tell when to start talking with children about racism

Start talking with children about racism need from a very early age, told RIA Novosti in EqualiTeach British organization specializing in training and consulting in the field of tolerance and equality.

According to experts, children begin to notice differences among people at a very young age, and therefore it is important not to delay the beginning of discussions on this topic.

Putin told Russia's strength

Russian President Vladimir Putin has called racism and the demolition of monuments in Europe, a destructive phenomenon and brought as a reverse example, in Russia the whole country provided assistance to Dagestan.

"We'll see. Well, what is there to predict," he said in the program "Moscow. The Kremlin. Putin" answering the question of how issues of racism and the demolition of monuments in Europe can have far-reaching consequences.

Webster will review the definition of the word "racism"

The editors of the American English dictionary Merriam-Webster, better known as Webster, decided to revise the definition of the word "racism" after the letters of African Americans-Kennedy Mitch from Missouri, according to broadcaster KMOV.

Webster's dictionary defined racism as "a belief that race is the primary determinant of traits and abilities and that racial differences give rise to peculiar to a particular race superiority". Mitch did not agree with this definition: in its opinion, it is too easy and superficial.

"Would not climb better" Pushkov ridiculed the words of the historian of the United States to Russia

The head of the Federation Council Commission for information policy and media relations, Alexei Pushkov criticized the words of the Dean of the faculty of African American studies at Princeton University Eddie Glod about "racism in Russia".

Earlier in interview to the German newspaper Spiegel Glod said that "panic and manic attempts to" politicians to stop the protests in the United States testify to "the dying wheezes of a dying old America." Speaking of racism, the expert expressed the view that this issue also exists in Europe and, in particular, in Russia.