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It turned out what seat to choose for those who suffer from nausea

Experts told which seat is best to take those who suffer from "air sickness", reports the Express.

Choice seats at the front of the liner will help make the flight more relaxing. For those who are prone to motion sickness, a good option is to stay in the region of the wings. But sitting in the back, you can feel all the air holes.

The Network has published a video of the passengers, making passenger foot massage

Passengers took video of the traveler making on Board foot massage companion, reports The Sun.

The footage shows how a tourist massages the foot passenger, who was sitting in the back, and put his foot on the armrest of her chair. The names of these people is unknown.

Experts told which dishes don't need to eat on Board

Experts called meals that should not eat during the flight, reports the Express.

According to experts, the air does not need to consume dairy products: they can be spoiled due to improper storage during transport and on Board.

It was found that tourists buying tickets to Turkey, Tanzania and Britain

After the head of the government Mikhail Mishustin said that Russia from August 1 to resume international flights, interest in tickets abroad has increased dramatically, according to Aviasales.

While travelers will be able to fly from Moscow, Moscow suburbs, St.-Petersburg and Rostov-on-don to Turkey, the UK and Tanzania.