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In USA find elk, caught on video with a car tire on the neck

Service representatives of wildlife conservation in Colorado trying to find an elk with a tire on the neck, reports UPI.

The footage was filmed by a surveillance camera. "We would like to find a pet and save him from this bus," wrote employees in the social network.

In Russia, rejected the initiative to ban whaling

The expert working group of the Federal level rejected the initiative of the "Russian public initiative" on the prohibition of the capture of cetaceans for dolphinariums, which gathered over 100 thousand signatures.

Now the law allows marine mammals capture only for indigenous peoples, for scientific and educational purposes. Former Deputy Prime Minister Alexei Gordeyev in 2019, said catch in the cultural and educational goals the government wants to ban. The environmental coalition "freedom of the orcas and the Beluga whales" published a petition in support of such a ban on the IC, she has collected over 100 thousand votes, which is enough for consideration by the government.

Scientists estimated the losses of Russia from the melting permafrost

The damage from destruction or deformation of buildings, pipelines and infrastructure located on frozen ground in Russia, may be by 2050, about 250 billion dollars, said RIA Novosti Professor at the George Washington University (USA) Dmitry Streletsky.

He said that the researchers took into account sediment soil thawing and loss of bearing capacity due to warming permafrost.