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Nutritionist revealed the secret of longevity of the Caucasus

The basis of the Caucasian longevity is a special kebab. What feature makes it so helpful, told radio Sputnik dietitian Andrew Bobrowski.

Barbecue is an iconic dish of the Caucasus region. The locals are finely cut mutton pieces and strung on skewers and then roasted on charcoal in the grill. The resulting dish has the correct content of unsaturated fat, which is of fundamental importance, explained Andrei Bobrovsky.

He called it a characteristic of long-lived line

Physician gerontologist, Professor Yuri Konev in an interview with "NSN" listed the traits that are characteristic of centenarians.

According to him, the survivor must be of small size.

The main way to achieve longevity

Scientists from Cambridge and Edinburgh University found that physical activity reduces the risk of premature death.

In a study published in the Lancet Global Health, the authors tracked the state of the inhabitants of the 168 countries that adhered to the who recommendations for physical activity. On average, about 150 minutes a week was paid to aerobic exercise training of moderate intensity, in which the muscles derive their energy from oxygen.