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DTEK became the first company in Ukraine, included in the Hydrogen Europe

DTEK became the first company in Ukraine, which entered the Hydrogen Association of Europe, bringing together leaders in the field of application of hydrogen technologies in Europe, said on Saturday the press service of the company.

"European local energy system transformirovalsya. Renewable energy sources are a greater strain on the existing network, and carbon energy ceases to be sustainable environmentally and economically. The use of hydrogen opens up opportunities for the decarbonization of the key sectors of the economy, as well as to build a new sector of the economy and creation of additional workplaces", - the press service quoted DTEK's Director for innovations Emanuele Volpe.

A court in the US decided to close the pipeline on the claim of Indian tribes

A Federal court in Washington decided to close a major pipeline Dakota Access on the claim of Indian tribes, says the court's decision.

The pipeline is supposed to suspend operations for 30 days, according to a decision of judge James Bosberg.

In Greece preparing to transfer to electric cars

The Greek government urged citizens to take the public transport run on electricity and promises a lot of incentives. The authorities promise to potential buyers of the grant, savings, low or zero taxes, free Parking and, of course, clean air.

Only in the first stage, the government subsidizes 100 million euros over 18 months for the purchase of a new car type. It is expected that grants will cover 25% of the cost of approximately 14 thousand new electric cars, benefit in conjunction with the environmental bonus and the respective tax benefits will be close to 10 thousand euros.