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Dubai international airport began to use dogs for detecting COVID-19

Dubai authorities now attract dogs and dog handlers to help in the fight against coronavirus at the airport, according to Travel and Leisure.

The task of the dog is to, literally, sniff passengers suffering from coronavirus. In the course of the research the accuracy of smell was 92 percent.

The handlers told what not to feed dogs

Proper and balanced diet – the key to good health and longevity of your beloved dog. In Russian kennel Federation (RKF), RIA Novosti said, what foods dangerous for dogs and made recommendations that will help to maintain the health of Pets for many years.

According to him, feed the dog only a specially selected dry food or natural diet with addition of vitamin-mineral complexes, if to consult with your veterinarian. In the first case, the animal will receive all the necessary trace elements from the feed, and the second to compensate for the deficiency with supplements.

Study: Russians have increased the interest in buying Pets

The Russians in the second quarter of 2020 has increased the interest in purchasing domestic animals, and cats citizens interested in active than dogs, according to the RIA news service for posting ads to "Craigslist".

If still in service, cost, and cats, and dogs increased. So, dogs in April-June were worth 12% more than in the first quarter, and 20% more than a year ago. The average purchase of dogs at the site can cost 12,4 thousand roubles.

The dog was named the most popular nicknames for dogs

The Russian cynological Federation (RKF) told RIA Novosti, as often the Russians call their dogs: first place is nicknamed Oscar, is a traditional Soviet Fido and Friend leave in the past.

According to RKF, the most popular nickname on the basis of data collected during the year, was nicknamed Oscar. In second place Jasmine, third place ranking is Olivia.

Scientists have discovered how sterilization affects the health of dogs

The results of many years of research conducted by American scientists, veterinarians, showed that the risks to the health of the dog during sterilization are highly dependent on the breed. The paper was published in the journal Frontiers in Veterinary Science.

Scientists from the University of California, Davis analyzed data on several thousand dogs of 35 breeds 15 years of observation in a Veterinary medical teaching hospital to understand whether the consequences of sterilization, the age and gender of the dog.

In the tourist province of Cambodia banned the trade in dog meat

Cambodian province, popular with tourists, forbidden to sell and kill dogs for meat, reports the Bangkok Post.

Siem reap, the birthplace of the ancient ruins of Angkor Wat, was the first region in Cambodia, where issued such a ban. According to experts, the country annually slaughtered three million dogs.

The dog handler explained how to protect a dog from heat stroke

High temperature and direct sunlight hazardous to the health of dogs. How to help your pet beat the heat, said in an interview with radio Sputnik, the dog, the animal psychology, the founder of the dog training center "School of Orlov," Vitaly Orlov.

In the heat of any dog, even with good indicators in health, be a little more sluggish than in cool weather. But if the hot weather does not follow the simple but very important rules, the question may be about the life and death of the pet.

Dog heroes: how four-legged friends brought closer the Day of Victory

Almost 70 thousand dogs took part in the fighting on the fronts of the great Patriotic war in military units of the red and then Soviet army. Along with the soldiers they were starving, freezing and IOC in the trenches, threw themselves under the tanks and blow up enemy trains. Animals along with people have shown resilience, courage and heroism, bringing the Day of Victory. About dogs who have made a contribution to the victory over fascism, RIA Novosti was told in the Russian kennel Federation (RKF).

During the war, all war front was trained and formed 17 battalions of sappers and miners, 14 groups of dogs-fighters armored vehicles, 37 battalions of sled dogs, two specialized squad, four battalions of communication troops. Dog medics brought the wounded to the medical bag, saving them from death. Dog handlers during the war years delivered more than 200 thousand reports, and reached more than eight thousand kilometers telephone cable, dogs-mine detectors checked 15 153 kilometers of military roads. Dogs not only help to save human lives, but also sacrificed their. Dog-"kamikaze" blew up more than 300 armored vehicles of the enemy. The first tank was blown up by a dog a month after the outbreak of war - July 27, 1941 under Rogacheva.

The dog was named the best dog breeds for children

Russian kennel Federation specifically to the Day of protection of children have prepared a list of dog breeds that are best suited as a friend and companion for a child.

"Before you take the dog, explain to your child that the animal is not a toy, it demands attention, respect and care. Try to go to visit friends with the dog, read and watch training materials with your child so you can prepare for the arrival of the puppy home", he added.