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Sugar in baby food acknowledged dangerous for adults

Go to baby food in the hope that it will help you to lose weight, don't. Why diet foods for kids is not suitable for healthy lifestyle, told radio Sputnik leading fitness is heading on TV, "Friday", dietician-nutritionist Arina Skoromnaya.

Of course, baby food safer "adult" food, in the sense that there are no GMOs, flavorings, preservatives and dyes. But it is the sugar. And this is one reason why nutritionists advise adults go to food for kids, says Arina Skoromnaya.

Psychologist called economical way to lose weight

Lunch boxes taken to work, allows to save on food and also lose weight said a clinical psychologist and a consultant for weight management Barbara Sardina. In an interview with radio Sputnik, she explained exactly how it works.

Airtight container to carry food, which is also called lunch box can be useful not only to students but also for adults. This simple attribute allows you to save on food. Barbara Sardina told that if a person has been preparing his snack at home and brings him in a little box, it limits the waste of money during a snack with colleagues.

Scientists describe the products that help to preserve youthfulness of skin

Doctor of Rupee Orla, a scientist from Serovskoe Institute, University of Edinburgh, told how to eat to maintain youthfulness of the skin. His words are quoted by tabloid the Sun.

According to the scientist, whom the publication calls a "leading voice of Britain" in matters of power, should refuse food with high iron content, in particular red meat (beef and lamb), which can lead to a dramatic age-related changes.

Nutritionist called habits that help to lose weight

Australian nutritionist Leanne ward gave some tips on how to shape dreams and keep the desired weight, reports the Daily Mail.

Ward was advised to get rid of the habit of stress-eating and bad mood — instead she offered to find something, for example, go for a walk or to read.

Nutritionist called cons diet Maxim Fadeev

Dietitian Inna Kononenko commented on the words of the producer Maxim Fadeev, who said that for the year dropped about a hundred pounds thanks to the use of hot water.

"I think it was a whole team of specialists. If the problem of excess weight so simply solved – by drinking several glasses of water – people have not had a problem with excess body weight," said doctor in an interview with "Moskovsky Komsomolets".

The nutritionist called the situation, when the fat helps to lose weight

Fat can help you lose weight, but only in one specific case. About it told in an interview to radio Sputnik nutritionist Elena Solomatina.

Fat in the public consciousness is considered to be one of the most harmful products. The whole thing in almost one hundred percent fat content, which is tightly associated with something harmful. However this is a misconception, said Elena Solomatina. In her opinion, it's all in the amount and manner of use of fat.

Called foods that trigger aging

Dietitian Advisory and diagnostic center "health and sports nutrition" FITS of food and biotechnology Tamara Pranava told what foods should be included in the diet to avoid premature aging.

Harmful nutritionist called highly processed products that contain at least five additives – dyes, flavors, preservatives, thickeners, and others. This category includes hot dogs, sausages, store-bought meatballs and other semi-finished products, pastries, dairy desserts, soda.

The doctor dispelled the myths about tea

Gastroenterologist Alexey Paramonov took apart popular myths about the tea.

So, often there are allegations that the lovers of strong tea can deal with high blood pressure and heart problems. The doctor noted that the tea is really a lot of caffeine, but recent studies show that over hypertension, this beverage is not connected.

Discovered the recipe for a healthier hash

Dietitian Elena Solomatina told how to cook hodgepodge.

"Okroshka it is advisable to do from natural ingredients. Brew need to take natural or hand-made from the bread crusts, raisins, to make the wort. To put less sugar," said Solomatin in an interview with radio station "Moscow speaking".