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In the UK the video was a huge cat the size of a dog

. In the UK the video hit a large wild cat the size of a medium dog, reports the Daily Mail.

Living in Cambridgeshire, Dan underwood was caught on camera beast that roamed the Park in the centre of Cambridge. The footage is a wild animal with a distinctive sandy-brown fur and black stripes.

In the UK, the owners found the missing cat after 12 years

The family of Davis of the County of greater Manchester found his missing cat 12 years later, reports The Guardian.

A cat named Georgie went missing in one of the holidays that the family decided to spend on the shores of Loch Lomond in Scotland in 2008. The cat ran away and never came back. And only now, blagodarya microchip, the owners received a notification that it found.

In the UK, the cat walked 64 miles to return to owners

A ginger cat named Garfield ran away from its new owners and a month and a half getting to continue, reports The Sun.

Neil and Lisa Payne gave Garfield to other owners when their children moved out. But three-year-old cat disappeared from home new owners on June 20. A month later he showed up to his former home, Neal found him on the doorstep. According to him, "cat cried and looked plaintively at him."

Study: Russians have increased the interest in buying Pets

The Russians in the second quarter of 2020 has increased the interest in purchasing domestic animals, and cats citizens interested in active than dogs, according to the RIA news service for posting ads to "Craigslist".

If still in service, cost, and cats, and dogs increased. So, dogs in April-June were worth 12% more than in the first quarter, and 20% more than a year ago. The average purchase of dogs at the site can cost 12,4 thousand roubles.