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In Roskoshestvo told what kind of bread molds faster

Experts Roskoshestvo told what kind of bread is the most susceptible to mold.

"Bread, which is sold sliced and Packed, it is more susceptible to molding because when cutting bread increases the surface area available for mold", — is spoken in the message published on the organization's website.

The scientist explained why the Russians need to eat less salt

Russians on average consume 12 grams of salt per day if recommended by who and the Ministry of health the rate of five grams, said the head of the scientific direction of Optimal nutrition "FITS of food and biotechnology," Alexander Baturin.

Excessive consumption of salt, sugar and saturated fat, as explained by the scientist may lead to the development of obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular, cancer and other diseases.

A nutritionist told me how to choose the right bread

Supporters of a healthy lifestyle consider bread one of the most harmful products. Why their fears are unfounded, and some bread useful, he said in an interview with radio Sputnik dietician Irina slime.