Latest News - #bears

In the United States took video of a bear rolling down the street the trash

In Florida a surveillance camera caught the bear rolling down the street a large trash can, reports UPI.

The author of the video Brett Longo said that he received a signal about the activity next to the house with surveillance cameras. He joined the device and found two black bears in the yard.

In the United States has removed on video as the bear broke down the door of the house

In Ohio the grizzly bear broke down the front door of the house for a few days the video with the break-scored four million views, reports the Daily Mail.

Surveillance cameras recorded the moment. Fortunately, during the invasion, no one was home. In social networks the video became viral, gathering millions of views and thousands of comments. Someone has said, as a bear holds the door after it broke down. Then quietly comes into the living room and looks around.

In Canada the video was filmed the bear coming into the house the smell of pizza

In Ontario the bear entered the house through the front door to eat pizza, reports UPI.

Sean Atkinson, residing in the town of Oro Medonte, installed in the premises of the security camera that recorded the surprise visit of American black bear. The front door was locked he just opened it and went inside.