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Astronomers have discovered a new source of carbon in the Universe

Analysis of white dwarfs in the milky Way and other galaxies showed that stars of this class can be an important source of carbon — an element necessary for life. The study is published in the journal Nature Astronomy.

All the carbon atoms in the Universe were created by fusion of three helium atoms. But astrophysicists are still arguing, stars what are the primary carbon source.

The published catalog of objects for the search of extraterrestrial life

Project Breakthrough Listen to search for signs of intelligent life in the Universe announced the release of a catalogue of Exotica, including a complete list of objects that can be linked to man-made signals. The results of the study in the form of a Preprint published on the website of the University of California at Berkeley.

The search for extraterrestrial intelligence has long been seen as a serious scientific problem. In the framework of the global program SETI (Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence) entrepreneur Yuri Milner in 2016 launched a project Breakthrough Listen — initiative to search for signs of intelligent life in the Universe in thesignature — potentially man-made signals.