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Experts told which dishes don't need to eat on Board

Experts called meals that should not eat during the flight, reports the Express.

According to experts, the air does not need to consume dairy products: they can be spoiled due to improper storage during transport and on Board.

In the US, the passenger was removed from flight from-for refusal to wear a mask

In the US the passenger removed from the flight for failing to wear a mask, according to Travel and Leisure.

The pandemic is a coronavirus, the airline has amended the rules for passengers. Most ordered all to go in a mask and gloves.

French Polynesia open borders for tourists 15 Jul

French Polynesia will open the border for residents of Europe and the USA on 15 July, according to Travel and Leisure.

Travellers heading to the Islands, including Tahiti or Bora Bora will have to pass a test COVID-19 for 72 hours prior to departure and provide documents with negative results before boarding the flight.

The Caribbean island of Turks and Caicos Islands open for tourists on June 22

The Caribbean island of Turks and Caicos will open after quarantine for tourists on June 22, reports Travel and Leisure.

The British overseas territory consisting of four dozen small Islands, plans to accept guests under the new rules, said the Director of the tourism Council Pamela Ewing.