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The expert told about the risk to be infected by the coronavirus in the plane

Expert travel told about some services on Board the aircraft can increase the risk of infection by coronavirus, reports the Express.

Simon Calder explained that the flights do not facilitate compliance with social distance.

It turned out from what cities can you fly to Dubai and foreign tourists

From July 7 to Dubai was opened to foreign tourists, the airlines of the UAE have shared the updated list of destinations to its flight network, reported Khaleej Times.

So the national carrier resumed service of 51 destination. Including 18 cities in Europe: Amsterdam, Athens, Barcelona, Brussels, Copenhagen, Dublin, Glasgow, Frankfurt, Larnaca, London, Madrid, Manchester, Milan, Munich, Paris, Rome, Vienna and Zurich.

In the plane the tourist surprised the passengers by way of boundary

In social networks, passengers discuss the tourist, who invented an original way to reduce social contacts on Board the aircraft, reports the Express.

The image was published to Twitter, and then instagram.

Flight attendants called the most disgusting things that make passengers

The flight attendants talked about the most disgusting things that make passengers in the air, reports the Express.

One flight attendant on the social-news site said that some people don't care about etiquette during the flight. "They have an amazing habit of tucking things in where they shouldn't be, she wrote. — Disposable diapers, food, a barf bag — all of it was stuffed under seats, in pockets on the backs of the chairs".

Experts said that in no case should not drink on the plane

The flight attendants said, drinking a beverage on the plane may later badly affect your health, reports the Express.

Recent tests conducted by health information company, showed that tap water in the aircraft is not clean, and should not be drinking.

Experts explain how dangerous the temperature measurement at airports

Experts warned that check body temperature before aviapoletov can cause uninfected passengers will be denied boarding, reports the Express.

According to experts in global health and medical stability, without this test it is impossible to distinguish between the actual carriers of the coronavirus and people who have high fever for other reasons.

The crew has shared tips, what clothes is better to wear in flight

Flight attendants are told what clothes they prefer to see passengers, and that their annoying behavior of tourists, reports the Express.

The clothes we get a first impression of the passenger, said the flight attendant with 10 years of experience. — If someone comes on Board, dressed in what looks like pajamas night (we really see this) I'm not impressed."

Experts told what foods better not to eat on the plane

Experts told what foods better not to eat on the plane, reports the Express.

In the preparation of in-flight catering airlines adhere to stringent safety standards. However, the use of some products may make your flight less pleasant: if the flight is delayed, some of the food could be unfit for human consumption.

Flight attendants told what not to do on the plane

The crew has shared tips and advice, and why you should not do on the plane, reports the Express.

So, according to employees of airlines, it is impossible to remove shoes. It is not only that it can be frustrating to others, shoes is important during an emergency situation in the plane.

Flight attendants told about unhealthy beverages on Board

Flight attendants told what the drinks on Board can carry hidden health threat, reports the Express.

One of the flight attendants shared on the forum that even if a person chooses healthy food, some dishes may not be as good as they seem. For example, passengers on Board offer juice packages, which can be a lot of sugar. And 300 milliliters of the drink can contain him more than the world health organization recommends to consume per day.

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