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It turned out what seat to choose for those who suffer from nausea

Experts told which seat is best to take those who suffer from "air sickness", reports the Express.

Choice seats at the front of the liner will help make the flight more relaxing. For those who are prone to motion sickness, a good option is to stay in the region of the wings. But sitting in the back, you can feel all the air holes.

The Network has published a video of the passengers, making passenger foot massage

Passengers took video of the traveler making on Board foot massage companion, reports The Sun.

The footage shows how a tourist massages the foot passenger, who was sitting in the back, and put his foot on the armrest of her chair. The names of these people is unknown.

Experts have told how the free upgrade my ticket to business class

Travelers with lots of miles or points – the first in the queue for a free upgrade ticket, reports the Express.

To have a large number of points, there should be more flying with the selected airline. As a rule, loyal customers get free upgrades or other bonuses.

The flight attendant told why it is not necessary to use headphones on the plane

The flight attendant was advised not to use the onboard headphones, as they are not new and there is a risk of Contracting ear infections, reports the Express.

Headphones in plastic packaging look unused, but, in fact, clean it and pack so that passengers do not doubt their originality. Cleaning does not eliminate them from all the germs. Thus, it is possible to get various ear diseases.

Experts told when on the plane the risk of Contracting the most

The probability to be infected by the coronavirus in the plane above all at the time of landing and disembarkation of passengers, reports the Express.

Gradually, the flights return to everyday life, but many tourists are worried about their health.

Tourists are told what the in-flight service prefer

Most travelers prefer to get the flight they served women: stewardesses like 68 percent and the stewards only 32 percent, according to a survey OneTwoTrip.

In the survey of service participated 2632 person.

The expert told about the risk to be infected by the coronavirus in the plane

Expert travel told about some services on Board the aircraft can increase the risk of infection by coronavirus, reports the Express.

Simon Calder explained that the flights do not facilitate compliance with social distance.

It turned out from what cities can you fly to Dubai and foreign tourists

From July 7 to Dubai was opened to foreign tourists, the airlines of the UAE have shared the updated list of destinations to its flight network, reported Khaleej Times.

So the national carrier resumed service of 51 destination. Including 18 cities in Europe: Amsterdam, Athens, Barcelona, Brussels, Copenhagen, Dublin, Glasgow, Frankfurt, Larnaca, London, Madrid, Manchester, Milan, Munich, Paris, Rome, Vienna and Zurich.

In the plane the tourist surprised the passengers by way of boundary

In social networks, passengers discuss the tourist, who invented an original way to reduce social contacts on Board the aircraft, reports the Express.

The image was published to Twitter, and then instagram.

Flight attendants called the most disgusting things that make passengers

The flight attendants talked about the most disgusting things that make passengers in the air, reports the Express.

One flight attendant on the social-news site said that some people don't care about etiquette during the flight. "They have an amazing habit of tucking things in where they shouldn't be, she wrote. — Disposable diapers, food, a barf bag — all of it was stuffed under seats, in pockets on the backs of the chairs".

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