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Merkel urged to await the outcome of the trial on the murder khangoshvili

German Chancellor Angela Merkel urged to await the outcome of the trial in the murder of a citizen of Georgia in Berlin, before talking about further action in the case.

Earlier the state office of public Prosecutor of Germany has announced that it has sent to court the case of the Russian citizen, who is accused of murder of Georgian citizen in Berlin in August 2019. In this regard, the Russian Ambassador Sergey Nechayev was summoned to the German foreign Ministry, said on Thursday the foreign Minister of Germany Heiko Maas. The Minister added that "the German government unconditionally reserves the right to further action in this case." The Ambassador in turn stated that the threat of new measures against Russia, if implemented, will not remain without reaction.

The court in Berlin has received the materials of the case of the Russians, accused of murder

At the chamber court of Berlin Senate confirmed receipt of the materials in the case of Russia, accused of murder in 2019, said RIA Novosti the official representative of Department Lisa Jani.

"I can confirm that the material allegations entered the chamber court. The exact timing of the consideration can not say yet. Now the materials will be tested, the prosecution must formally apply to the parties to the process will determine the timing of responses, and then the court will decide, will there be trial on this charge" - she said.