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A resident of Transbaikalia fired at the boy for playing on the SUV

A resident of Transbaikalia shot 9-year-old child because the boy climbed onto the spare tire of his SUV, according to the website of the RF IC.

"According to investigators, on 27 July 2020 in the settlement Priargunsk suspect fired a pellet gun at 9-year-old boy, causing the child admitted to hospital with a penetrating gunshot wound to the chest", - stated in the message.

Titov asked Golikova to deal with the debt of medical institutions and funds

Presidential Commissioner for protection of entrepreneurs ' rights Boris Titov asked the Deputy Prime Minister Tatyana Golikova to solve a question with debts of medical institutions and health insurance funds to business, which in some regions reaches up to 250 million rubles, told RIA Novosti press-service of the Ombudsman.

"The debt of health care institutions and territorial funds of obligatory medical insurance (TFOMS) to entrepreneurs in recent months has grown and is in different regions from 25 to 250 million rubles", - said Titov, quoted by the press service.

In Transbaikalia are preparing for the final phase of the lifting of restrictions on COVID-19

Zabaykalsky Krai is preparing to enter the final stage of the removal of restrictions on coronavirus, reports the press service of the regional government with reference to the chief sanitary doctor of the region Svetlana Paw.

"The prevalence of infection now is 0.5. This was the basis for directions of justification in the Federal service of Rospotrebnadzor in the transition to the third stage of the exemption in the region. It is possible to continue the work of the caterers, hotels, educational institutions, amusement rides in parks, squares, theaters", - quotes the clutches of the press-service.

In Chita check the video where the teenager lit the candles in the Church

Police in Zabaykalsky Krai checks after posting online a video in which a teenager lit a cigarette from a candle in the Cathedral of Chita, told RIA Novosti press-service of the regional interior Ministry cupola.

Earlier some mass media and social media had posted a video in which a young man in shorts baptized enters the Church, lights from candles and delayed. Some media wrote that the incident occurred in the Cathedral of the Kazan mother of God in Chita.

In Transbaikalia ended exercises with the participation of six thousand troops

Large-scale exercises involving 6 thousand military ended in Transbaikalia, reports the press service of the Eastern military district on Friday.

"In Zabaikalsky Krai on the range "Tsugol" the conduct of the stage firing at night completed a large-scale tactical exercises with troops TSB under the guidance of the district commander Gennady Liquid", - stated in the message.

Named the regions that will receive the greatest help to fight the fires

Yakutia, Krasnoyarsk Krai, Buryatia, Transbaikalia and the Khabarovsk region will receive most funds from the reserve Fund of the Russian Federation on suppression of forest fires, according to the FFA.

As previously noted in the Department, summer of 2020 will include five years with the highest number of ignitions and difficulty of suppression.

In Yakutia began to operate the airplane to call the rain against forest fires

The plane "Cyclone" arrived in Yakutia and began flights to trigger artificial rain to extinguish forest fires, the press service of the head and governments of the region.

According to the Ministry of environment of Yakutia, the region 31 extinguish a forest fire, 16 of them are localized. Fire completed a total of 1189 hectares. For the past day eliminated 9 fires in the Viluy, Megino-Kangalassky, Neryungri, Olekminsk, Ust-Aldansky, Khangalassky Churapchinsky and areas. The rugged and remote lands of the forest Fund operates 127 thermal spots on a total area of 299 749 hectares.

In Buryatia began large-scale exercises TSB

Large-scale bilateral exercises with combat shooting, which attracted more than 4 thousand soldiers of the Eastern military district (TSB), was launched on Monday at the site "Tsugol" in Buryatia, the press service of the district.

"Troops of the two motorized infantry formations military associations TSB from Zabaykalsky Krai and the Republic of Buryatia take part in a massive two-sided tactical exercises with combat shooting, which began on 20 July in the site "Tsugol". Attracted more than 4 thousand servicemen and more than 600 pieces of military equipment", - stated in the message.

Dead Lama the Saint-Petersburg datsan Losal gamso

Lama the Saint-Petersburg datsan gunzechoinei Losal gamso died at the 41st year of life, according to temple.

"With sincere prayers for a better rebirth we see the Lama Temple in the last journey..., 17 July 2020, at 41, suddenly departed this life our dear Lama Losal gamso (Bair balzhinimaev)", - reports the datsan on the page in sotsseti "Vkontakte".

Authorities have cancelled a mode of self-isolation for arriving in Transbaikalia

Mandatory two-week regime of self-isolation for arriving in Zabaykalsky Krai from abroad and other regions canceled, the press service of the regional government.

The press service said that the Baikal, which arrived in the region from other countries and regions, still need to stay at home in case of detection of signs of respiratory infection and contact physicians by telephone. The residents have to inform about your stay in other countries and regions.

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