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The pilot commented on the incident with U.S. bombers over the Black sea

The American strategic bomber B-1B in the sky over the Black sea Russian detection means have detected before it approaches the border, despite the "stealth" technology, said to RIA Novosti honored pilot of the Russian Federation member of all-Russian organization "Officers of Russia" Yury Sytnik.

Earlier American edition of the Drive published an article, according to which the bombers B-1B Lancer U.S. air force during a flight over the Black sea worked launch anti-ship missiles AGM-158C Long Range Anti-Ship Missile that can "present a particularly serious problem for the Russian Navy." The Russian defense Ministry said that the air defense system has recorded the B-1B over the Black and Baltic seas, after which the su-27P and su-30CM approached them at a safe distance and accompanied until they changed course.