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Starts the last day of online voting

Started the last day of remote electronic voting for amendments to the Constitution.

Electronic voting started on June 25 in Moscow and Nizhny Novgorod region. The inhabitants of these regions will have a chance to vote online to 20.00 Tuesday.

CEC commented on the refusal of Moscow from tents to vote

The regions to decide which of the possible forms of organization of voting on amendments to use to a greater or lesser degree, have informed RIA Novosti Secretary of the CEC, Maya Grishina.

Earlier, the head of Moscow election Committee Yury Yermolov said that he sees no need for additional polling stations in tents on the streets of Moscow at the all-Russian vote on the amendments to the Constitution.

In Moscow will not install tents for voting on amendments

Moscow election Committee sees no need for additional polling stations in tents on the street on the national vote on constitutional amendments, said the Chairman of Mothersurname Yury Yermolov at the meeting of the Public chamber of Moscow on Monday.

"We are categorically against any tents and votes in the courts... We will work together to ensure the necessary sanitary requirements in stationary areas, and the need to conduct such a vote in," said Moses, answering the question whether Moscow, the streets are open extra polling stations in the form of tents.