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In the state Duma asked the Prosecutor General to check the call Klimkin on Crimea

The Chairman of the Duma Committee on defence Yury Shvydkin sent to the public Prosecutor Igor Krasnov, a request to verify the statements of former Minister of foreign Affairs of Ukraine Pavel Klimkin, proposed to create a problem for Russia because of the Crimea.

Previously Klimkin on his page on Facebook said about the "Crimean days." He recalled that on 23 July, was the 80th anniversary of the signing of the Declaration of Welles, fixing the United States ' refusal to recognize Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia part of the Soviet Union. These republics seceded from the Soviet Union in 1990-ies. Klimkin said that "it is necessary to turn the Crimea in the internal and external challenge to Russia."

U.S. looking for a pretext not to renew the start-3, according to the state Duma

Demanding to make an agreement on arms control between the United States and Russia tripartite, including China, Washington is looking for excuses not to take concrete steps for the extension of the existing nuclear agreement with Russia (start-3), said RIA Novosti Deputy Chairman of the Duma Committee on defence Yury Shvydkin.

Earlier, the special representative of the President of the United States arms control Marshall Billingsley stated that the new agreement on arms control should apply to the nuclear arsenals of Russia and China, and fully embrace them. The contract on reduction of strategic offensive arms (start-3) signed on in 2010, remains the only current agreement between Russia and the USA on the limitation of armaments. The agreement expires in February 2021, while Washington has not announced any plans to renew it.

In the state Duma commented on the flights of us B-1B at the Russian border

Flights of US air force bombers in the Baltic and Black seas create tension in the relevant Russian regions, Russia will be forced to respond accordingly, said RIA Novosti Deputy Chairman of the Duma Committee on defence Yury Shvydkin.

Previously, the defense Ministry of Russia reported that the Russian air defense forces on Friday found the strategic bombers b-1B U.S. air force over the Black and Baltic seas. The Ministry added that Russian fighter jets over the Black sea and the Baltic approached the American bombers, b-1B, after which they turned in the direction from the border of Russia.