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St. Isaac's Cathedral has no plans to reduce staff

State Museum-monument St. Isaac's Cathedral in St. Petersburg has no plans to reduce employees because of losses on the background of the epidemiological situation, announced the Director of the Museum Yuri Mudrov.

"We're not cutting and not going to cut," said wise at a press conference in the online mode.

In St. Petersburg, St. Isaac's Cathedral, visited 43 thousand people

. St. Isaac's Cathedral, the colonnade of which resumed operations on 16 July, attended by about 43 thousand people, in General, the number of visitors to the objects of the Museum complex with respect to their compliance with sanitary norms decreased about ten times, said the Director of the State Museum-monument (GMP) "St. Isaac's Cathedral" Yuri Mudrov.

"Our attendance has decreased in comparison with that which was in dependenices time. Visitors approximately ten times less," - he said at a press-conference in online mode.