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Baluyevsky commented on the U.S. statement on withdrawal from Germany

Statement on the withdrawal of American troops from Germany, "propaganda hype", but even the withdrawal and relocation of American troops in Europe will not change the ratio of military forces in the region, said to RIA Novosti, the former chief of the General staff of the Russian Armed forces army General Yury Baluyevsky commenting on the words of the head of the Pentagon, Mark Esper.

Earlier, the head of Pentagon said that the US withdraw from Germany 11.9 thousand military, 6.4 thousand of them will come back. The current plan of the US European command is to reduce the number of military in Germany, with approximately 36 thousand to 24 thousand. 4500 troops armored troops return to the United States, and other entities will continue to be available on a rotational basis "in the East and in the Black sea area" to "strengthen deterrence" of Russia and to ensure the security of the allies on the South-Eastern flank. In the future the United States can deploy additional forces in Poland and the Baltic States.

Radiant beam: the USA invented a new superweapon

Silent, accurate, deadly — the American aircraft fire support AC-130 to 2022-mu will receive a 60-kilowatt laser system. According to Western experts, it will allow you to hit the ground unarmored target without unnecessary noise and dust. About why the US air force ordered a flying laser — in the material RIA Novosti.

Work to modernize the AC-130 started in 2015. For the so-called Gasimov began to develop heavy missiles, conventional missiles, guided ammunition for 30-mm automatic guns and two laser units with a capacity of 120 and 60 kilowatts. The first complex is planned to replace on Board the 105-millimeter howitzer to fight against lightly armored targets targets, planes, helicopters and infantry. The laser could operate in non-lethal mode, blinding enemy soldiers.

Expert: US may at any time to increase its military presence in Germany

The United States is able for a few hours to expand in Germany as many troops as they need, for this there is a stock of equipment and heavy weapons, said to RIA Novosti, the former chief of the General staff of the Russian Armed forces General of the army Yuri Baluyevsky.

Earlier, U.S. President Donald trump has promised to halve the number of us troops in Germany, up to 25 thousand people, Berlin is behind on their payments to NATO.