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In Krasnodar, eliminated almost all occurred due to the heat of energoavarii

Energy has eliminated almost all of the accident occurred two days because of the heat in Krasnodar remain without electricity 3.9 thousand inhabitants, according to the administration of the regional capital.

Since the beginning of the week due to the steady heat in the Kuban began power outages: the light was turned off in Yeisk, Gelendzhik, Sochi, Temryuk. The most difficult situation – in Krasnodar. Electricity consumption in the regional capital has increased by 50% compared to the year high of last year. Monday remained without electricity more than 40 thousand people. According to the authorities of Krasnodar, on Tuesday there were 12 major power outages. To restore power supply in the regional capital was attracted teams from different regions of Kuban.

The Kremlin has restricted water supply area due to the heat wave

Water Yeisk district of Krasnodar region is limited to six hours a day to save due to the heat wave, according to the GUP KK "Kubanvodproekt".

In Yeisk district of Kuban was established very hot weather, the authorities have noted an abnormally high temperature. Afternoon air is heated to over 30 degrees and cooled below 25 degrees at night. This was the reason for the deficit of cold water.