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ICRC: about 15 million Yemenis lack access to water and food

More than half of Yemen's population (15 million people) require food assistance and access to drinking water in order to survive, according to a publication of the International Committee of the red cross on Twitter.

In the publication the ICRC also says that people who do not have access to food, automatically deprived of basic medicines and water. "In Yemen, not 100 people, and 30,5 million," - noted in the message.

Pompeo said the interception of a cargo of Iranian weapons to the Houthis

The United States seized another shipment of Iranian weapons destined for Yemeni rebels, the Houthis, said the US Secretary of state Mike Pompeo.

"We prevented another shipment of arms bound to Houthis: June 28, U.S. and partner forces detained near the coast of Yemen the ship with cargo, including 200 rocket-propelled grenades, more than 1,700 Kalashnikovs, 21 missiles surface-to-air, several anti-tank missiles and other advanced weapons and missiles," said Pompeo at a press conference.

Riyadh has called for pressure on Iran from the UN report

Riyadh after a UN report on attacks on oil installations in the country said the international community must exert pressure on Iran, the report said the Saudi Embassy in Russia.

In mid-June, Reuters reported, citing a report by the UN chief Antonio Guterres said that the cruise missiles used in attacks on state oil company Saudi Aramco and the airport in Saudi Arabia to 2019, was "of Iranian origin". The Ministry of foreign Affairs of Iran rejected the report of the UN Secretariat. The official representative of Russian foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova said that the evidence of Iranian involvement in the attack on Saudi oil facilities in the UN report no.

Source: Arab coalition launched air strikes on the positions of Houthis in Sana'a

The Arab coalition launched a series of airstrikes on the positions of the Yemeni rebels of the movement "Ansar Allah" (Houthis) in Sana'a, the Yemeni capital, told RIA Novosti Yemeni military source.

Earlier, the Houthis have threatened the Arab coalition led by Saudi Arabia "large scale operations" as revenge for the numerous air strikes on areas under the control of the Houthis, including Sana'a.

The Houthis have threatened revenge for the attacks of the Arab coalition in their districts

Yemeni rebels from the movement "Ansar Allah" (Houthis) has threatened Arab coalition led by Saudi Arabia and the UAE "large-scale operations" to avenge the numerous air strikes on areas under the control of the Houthis, including the Yemeni capital Sana'a, a spokesman for the Houthis, Mohammed Abdessalam in the microblog Twitter.

Earlier, a military representative of the Houthis said the TV channel "al-Masirah" that in the last 24 hours, the Arab coalition carried out 57 attacks on Sana'a and other provinces in the North of the country under their control.

The Muslim community in the pandemic helped with food baskets 7 thousand families

Russian Muslims over the past three months has assisted more than 7 thousands of Russian families, and several thousands of labor migrants, giving them food parcels and providing hot meals, told RIA Novosti CEO of the charity Fund "Zakat" in the Spiritual administration of Muslims of Russia Rifat Izmailov.

Also, according to him, the believers every day helped the elderly.

Bogdanov discussed with the authorities of Qatar the situation in the middle East and Africa

Russian Deputy foreign Minister Mikhail Bogdanov discussed with the authorities of Qatar the situation in Syria, Libya, Yemen and the Palestinian-Israeli settlement, reports the foreign Ministry.

On the eve of the Doha Bogdanov held meetings with the Minister of foreign Affairs of Qatar Mohammed al-Thani, and also talked with the Finance Minister of Qatar Ali al-Imadi. On Wednesday, Bogdanov was received by state Minister of defence Khaled al-Atiya and held consultations with Minister of state for foreign Affairs of Qatar Sultan al-Muraikhi.

Media: the Houthis announced the start of operations against Saudi Arabia

Yemeni rebels from the movement "Ansar Allah" (Houthis) stated they had undertaken the attack on targets on the territory of Saudi Arabia in the framework of "large scale operation", said the representative of the armed forces of Houthis controlled the TV channel "al-Masirah".

Earlier, Arab coalition led by Saudi Arabia and the UAE announced that it has intercepted over the territory of the Kingdom of Yemen launched the bombs, the drones, which were intended for hitting civilian targets. The coalition said that as of yesterday, the Houthis released from Yemeni governorate of sa'ada, eight drones and three ballistic missiles towards the Saudi border provinces of Jizan and Najran, one of the missiles the rebels attempted to run in the direction of Riyadh.

Media: the Arab coalition launched was intercepted from Yemen drones

Fighting in Yemen Arab coalition led by Saudi Arabia have intercepted several bombs drones, which the rebels from Yemeni movement "Ansar Allah" (Houthis) has launched on civilian targets on the territory of the Kingdom, announced on Monday night, the Saudi news portal "Habr Ajil".

According to him, a few bombs, the drones, which were aimed at Saudi civilian targets, managed to destroy the air defense forces.

Yemeni separatists seized the archipelago of Socotra

The Transitional Council of South Yemen announced the establishment of control over the archipelago of Socotra, located in the Indian ocean.

Earlier, the government of Yemen has repeatedly accused southern secessionists in an attempt to establish control over Socotra. June 19, the TV channel Al-Jazeera reported, citing sources, that Saudi troops supporting Yemeni army, left Thursday strongholds around the capital of the province of the city of Hadiboh and handed them control of the Transitional Council.

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