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Why the ROC can be deprived of the monastery with oak of Mamre in Hebron

The famous oak of Mamre in Hebron, where, according to the Bible, was first revealed to the trio, can take away from the Russian Orthodox Church. The Supreme court of Palestine cancelled the decree on the transfer of territory from the Shrine of the Moscow Patriarchate, referring to the ancient Islamic laws. In the ROC insist that this land belongs to her since the XIX century. The story unfolds on the background of aggravation of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict, which participants bring to the region "utter chaos." About the past, present and future of the Russian shrines of Hebron — in the material RIA Novosti.

The area the locals call al-Maskubiya, that is Moscow. Every year it attracts hundreds of Russian pilgrims to pray at the Russian Holy Trinity monastery and to see that oak. Christians believe that at the foot of the prophet Abraham in the guise of three angels appeared in three persons (hypostases) of the Godhead.