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"Bomb": Arthur Pirozhkov met in a dance battle with Pohladom

Russian singer and showman Alexander Revva, better known under his stage pseudonym Arthur Pies, published in the instagram video, which shows you how is a dance off between him and Paglesham (Dmitry Krasilov).

Under the single Rockit from Future Shock album by jazz pianist and winner of 14 Grammy awards, Herbie Hancock, Pugles and Arthur Pirozhkov making waves and body slightly mimic the robot dance. In the end, the participants improvise live.

Gordon said about the persecution Rudkovskaya because of the scandal with the Dakota

Producer Yana Rudkovskaya is being bullied by the singer Rita Dakota after a controversial situation involving a raffle of luxury handbags, said on instagram lawyer Catherine Gordon.

She expressed the view that the conflict was formed by artificial means and on an empty place, or it was the result of a misunderstanding, "that someone wanted to inflate".

Criticized Rudkovskaya after the situation with Dakota

Yana Rudkovskaya published in the instagram post, which reminded of the draw of luxury handbags. However, many users criticized the producer after she humiliated the singer Rita Dakota, which was among the organizers of this contest.

"It will be silent and continue to expose the hypocritical picture? Comment on the situation with the French brand," wrote johnwinchester13.

Rudkovskaya "humiliated" Rita Dakota for luxury handbags

Singer Rita Dakota complained that producer Yana Rudkovskaya "humiliated" her for a photo with luxury bags. She announced this on instagram.

According to the artist, she was invited to spend a draw of handbags from the famous brand. This would have to be photographed with prizes, but they were taken away to other bloggers participating in the event. The organizer asked the singer to do a photo shoot with similar bags in boutique.

The audience "deprived" Bilan winning the Eurovision song contest

Viewers of the Eurovision song contest voted on past performances in different years, the results have been published in the official account of the contest on Twitter. The respondents moved the final winner of the 2008 Dima Bilan in ninth place.

The new leader of Eurovision 2008, Twitter users have chosen a Ukrainian singer Ani Lorak, who took on the competition in second place. Behind her in the updated ranking are Greece and Iceland.

Rudkovskaya posted a video of the dance from the clip Paglesham Little big

Producer Yana Rudkovskaya published in the instagram video, which dances along with Dmitry Krasyliv (Puhler).

In the beginning of the video Rudkovskaya talking on the phone with her husband Evgeny Plushenko, who sends the wife a new dance partner. It is Krasyliv. When Pugles came to the house to Rudkovskaya and it was presented by dancer, producer, surprised, and her son just said she doesn't believe him.