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America is destroying the historical enemies

The festival of political and historical madness that has gripped the United States, not even think to stop, and hence the process of demolition of monuments continues — with the full support of the American political elite and mainstream media. As expected, under the hot hand "peaceful protesters" include not only monuments to prominent figures of the Confederate States of America Civil war era, but the characters, who successfully fought against the southern secessionists. No historical merit are not taken into account — and now among the victims of platycopida was the monument to Ulysses Grant — eighteenth President of the United States. As reported by The Guardian:

"Friday night in San Francisco, demonstrators destroyed and subjected to vandalism monuments of the white men who enslaved blacks and indigenous people, among them Ulysses S. Grant, the 18th President, who in the Civil war he headed the Union army in the defeat of the slave-owning Confederacy".

American top economist: "In 2021 coming collapse of the dollar"

"Coronavirus crisis" and mass riots that have already led to material damage in the billions of dollars, as well as image damage is impossible to measure in money forced the American expert community to look at US with different eyes. Not admiring eyes of a teenager, a professional propagandist or naive spectator of the old Hollywood Thriller, which it is known beforehand that in the end America will win and evil (that is, those who are opposed to Washington's) will be severely punished, and the eyes of the doctors watching attack of a serious illness.

Both of these estimates are likely very far from the truth, and their supporters, you can (and should) be suspected of a certain bias, but more interesting to analyze the opinion of the representative of the elite, which offers not so much a "treatment", as indicates the possibility of acute of all American problems due to the fact that at stake is not only American democracy and the image of a world hegemon, but also the very Foundation of the American welfare state: the United States dollar.