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The Railways issued a Declaration with commitments on ecology and lake Baikal

Russian Railways has published on its website a Declaration obligations in terms of ecology and lake Baikal, which, in particular, provide for the construction of facilities in accordance with environmental protection legislation and special projects in support of biodiversity conservation of the unique ecosystem of the lake.

A document called the "Declaration concerning an integrated approach in solving problems of protection of lake Baikal in the implementation of investment projects to develop Eastern polygon". "Of JSC "Russian Railways" realizes that the location of the objects on the Baikal natural territory imposes a special responsibility on the company. Setting its primary objective the fulfillment of the mission for the safe transport of goods and passengers with minimal impact on the environment during implementation of investment projects for the development of the Eastern site, the company finds it necessary to participate in preserving the ecosystem of lake Baikal", - the document says.

WWF assessed the risk of spill of aviation fuel on the Taimyr Peninsula

A spill of aviation fuel on the Taimyr Peninsula is much less dangerous than oil spill, the CHP-3 in Norilsk, however, it shows a systemic problem of risk management of environmental pollution, according to the program Manager for environmental responsibility world wildlife Fund (WWF) of Russia Alexey Knizhnikov.

Earlier it was reported that on Sunday afternoon when pumping fuel from the barge to the production warehouse, located in the heart of the village Touchard, depressurization of the pipeline "of Nobelstrasse" (belongs to "Norilsk Nickel") and a slick of aviation fuel capacity of more than 44 tons on the territory of the helipad and adjacent area. The regional Prosecutor's office began checking, and the regional Directorate of the investigation Committee opened a criminal case under article about infringement of rules of protection of the environment by manufacture of works. The authorities have introduced emergency municipal character.

In the Arkhangelsk region found the red book animals and birds

The world wildlife Fund (WWF) in early June, explored the pristine taiga of the Arkhangelsk region Leshukonye to give it protected status, the press service of WWF Russia.

In the beginning of the month a group of scientists (zoologists, ornithologists, botanists, landsafturi and soil scientists) and experts of WWF Russia went to a remote and inaccessible part of the forests of the tributaries of the Mezen river – Tansy Mezenskaya and Chelas to conduct a comprehensive survey of the vast Northern tundra areas.

Russian scientists went to study walruses on the Orange Islands

The staff of national Park "Russian Arctic" went on Saturday at the Orange Islands for the organization of the Observatory for the Atlantic walrus, the press service of the branch of the world wildlife Fund Ecoregion Barents.

"Started the active phase of the project for the study and preservation of the Northern group of the Atlantic walrus on the Big orange Islands. At the Northern extremity of Novaya Zemlya today went employees of the national Park "Russian Arctic", whose main task is to organize the observation point for the Atlantic walrus. The Park project was supported by the world wildlife Fund Russia (WWF)", - stated in the message.