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As in Minnesota prepare "good cops" and where are "bad"

Minnesota, in the capital of which Minneapolis during the arrest police killed an African American George Floyd and where there were mass riots and pogroms throughout the country and the world, with different States the system of training policemen. The problem of prejudice against the police to the people traced the racial aspect.

RIA Novosti has tried to understand how police training that is done at this stage to resolve the racial issue and why, despite the selection in the profession still are unscrupulous guards.

Biden will officially accept the nomination from the democratic party in August

The candidate in US presidents from Democratic party Joe Biden will formally consent to his nomination during the Convention in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, scheduled for August, reported on Thursday, NBC News.

The Congress will take place mainly in a virtual format, delegates are requested to stay home due to concerns related to the coronavirus.

In Wisconsin, protesters threw into the lake the statue of a fighter against racism

Protesters in the capital of the U.S. state of Wisconsin rioted and threw it in the lake the statue of Colonel who fought against slavery, the newspaper reports Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.

Demonstrators came out to protest in the streets of Madison on Tuesday evening for the arrest of a black protester a day earlier. During the night the demonstration turned into riots in some places, protesters broke Windows, attacked Senator Tim Capenter that took pictures of the protests, and tore down two statues.