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In Russia intensified advanced hackers from North Korea

The specialists of "Kaspersky Lab" has fixed a new targeted attack known North Korean hacker group Lazarus in Russia, said in a statement.

According to experts, at least since the spring of 2018 APT-group (target) Lazarus conducts attacks using advanced framework (the platform that defines the structure of a software system - ed.) is MATA. Its peculiarity lies in the fact that he can hack the device regardless of what operating system it runs - Windows, Linux or macOS.

Charges Apple and Google are destroying startups, said Durov

Apple and Google charge high fees for selling digital products for mobile phones, whereby users pay high prices, and start-UPS, and entire industries collapse, wrote in his Twitter the founder of the messenger Telegram Pavel Durov.

"Apple and Google charge a crazy tax of 30% on sales of all digital goods sold in every mobile phone in the world. The result - users pay higher prices, start-UPS, and entire industries are destroyed or never appear. Regulators ignore this nonsense for 10 years", - wrote Durov.

Called the most common computer viruses

In may, attackers often sent the Russians banking Trojans programs to infect devices and for covert mining of cryptocurrencies, said at the disposal of RIA Novosti research Check Point.

Top 3 active malware in the world in may - Dridex banking Trojan, which affects Windows (used to intercept personal data and payment card data), Agent Tesla (used to steal Wi-Fi passwords and can obtain the account from Outlook with the target PC) and XMRig. In may Dridex affected 4% of the organizations worldwide, and Tesla XMRig Agent -- 3% each.