Latest News - #Wild animals

In USA find elk, caught on video with a car tire on the neck

Service representatives of wildlife conservation in Colorado trying to find an elk with a tire on the neck, reports UPI.

The footage was filmed by a surveillance camera. "We would like to find a pet and save him from this bus," wrote employees in the social network.

In Thailand returned to endangered tigers

For the first time in four years in the Western part of Thailand has spotted tigers under threat of extinction, according to Lonely Planet.

The wildlife Department of Thailand and the organization for the conservation of wild cats, announced that their camera traps captured Indochinese tigers.

In Alaska, the otter climbed into the boat people to escape from killer whales

Guide John Dornellas shot on video, like a frightened otter escapes from killer whales in a boat with people, reports the Daily Mail.

John conducts boat tours in Alaska. During one of them he took video of the otter fleeing orcas. The frightened animal got on a boat to the people.

In the United States has removed on video as the bear broke down the door of the house

In Ohio the grizzly bear broke down the front door of the house for a few days the video with the break-scored four million views, reports the Daily Mail.

Surveillance cameras recorded the moment. Fortunately, during the invasion, no one was home. In social networks the video became viral, gathering millions of views and thousands of comments. Someone has said, as a bear holds the door after it broke down. Then quietly comes into the living room and looks around.

In the US, took a picture of a bear bathing in a pool of residential home

In California took a picture of a bear bathing in the pool of a residential building, reports UPI.

A resident of Claremont posted in the social network a photo of the predator that got into the pool in the back yard of his house.

In Moscow will open a Centre of reproduction of rare animals

On Tuesday, June 16, simultaneously with the Moscow zoo, opened and the Centre of reproduction of rare animals, the press service of the Moscow zoo.

Login sessions, maximum number of participants is 20 people. The center is located near the village of Sychevo of Volokolamsk.

In Canada took video of a squirrel running along the rope for peanuts

In Canada took video of a squirrel running along the rope for peanuts, reports the Daily Mail.

In Quispamsis, located in the East of the country in the province of new Brunswick, the squirrel spotted the nuts tied by a string to the rope on the porch. Animal that the author of the video calls rocky, made several attempts to get to the food.