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In Croatia approved a new government

The deputies of the Sabor (Parliament) of Croatia after two days of debate, approved a new government headed by Prime Minister and leader of the ruling Croatian democratic Union (HDZ) Andrew Plenkovich.

The President of Croatia until his election, the leader of the largest opposition Social democratic party (SDP) Zoran Milanovic on July 16 handed the leader of the winning in the parliamentary elections, the CDU Prime Minister the mandate to form a new government. However, at the ceremony of investiture of the new Cabinet the head of state on Wednesday and Thursday refused to go, citing respect for the authority of the legislative Assembly.

In the work of Google and YouTube in several countries has failed

Users of Google and YouTube in several countries, faced with the failure of the services, from the data on the website Downdetector, which tracks failures and blackouts on popular websites.

According to the portal, the disruptions began at about 13.20 GMT. The greatest number of problems recorded in Russia, also received complaints from some countries of Western Europe.

Belgium fears that Chinese students can be involved in espionage

The state security service of Belgium fears that Chinese students studying in Belgian universities, can be involved in spying for China's military.

"These students take away received in the Belgian universities with the knowledge to make them available to the army of his country," - said in published on Thursday the report of the security Service.

In the Federation Council commented on the words of Bolton about Crimea

Sevastopol and the Crimea was always a part of the Russian world, perhaps the words of former White house adviser on national security, John Bolton and ex-US President Barack Obama on the Peninsula reflect the obvious for the part of American politicians is a fact, said the Senator from Sevastopol Ekaterina Altabaeva.

As argues in his recently published book Bolton, Obama in 2014 has made clear that if Russia will be limited to the Crimea, the confrontation over Ukraine may be exhausted. However, he refers to the words allegedly spoken by the Russian leader Vladimir Putin.

Tsepkalo rejected the choice between Russia and the West for Belarus

Contender for the presidency of Belarus, former head of the HTP administration Valery Tsepkalo stated that sees no need of the geopolitical choice for the Republic between Russia and the West, however, as the country first official visit in case of victory in elections he called the Russian.

According to him, "with some (countries – ed.) as with Russia, they (relationship – ed.) more close, friendly, trusting, it's just determined by our geography and destiny." "But to develop the relationship necessary with all countries. In the modern world should not be relations of the type "either-or", that is friends with someone against someone. This is wrong, the world globaliseerumise, countries are interdependent, the relationship must be built on the principle "and-and" - said the President.

"I can't breathe". Why happened in the United States, and in Russia

Watching the struggle of the opposition with the government (if anyone else is following) I can not mention that the game is more like a perpetual check. There are different opinions about what they want the tops, but the bottoms (they — the forces of light) apparently can't.

There is a mournful repetition of the position. Someone 148 times says goodbye to Vladimir Putin, as if wishing to recall the anecdote about the representative of national minorities, which is forgiven, but not out. Someone work out the plot with the eternal picketing, the object support is the most amazing heroes — and what to do if the other is not? Someone collects another collective appeal — 148 times people who are not very widely known in very narrow circles, powerfully appeal to the Kremlin: "Humble yourself before the great people!" Opposition and analysts see this (and also in 148 times) a great beginning, which is to change the whole political situation.

In the Federation Council responded to the words Kravchuk on his way to "stop" Russia

Deputy Chairman of the Federation Council Committee on international Affairs Vladimir dzhabarov said RBC words of the former President of Ukraine Leonid Kravchuk on hard measures to "stop the aggressive business" in Russia.

According to the Senator, such statements Kravchuk "wants to celebrate the memory of their deeds in the early 90s in the Ukraine, when the former Secretary of the Communist ideology was an outspoken nationalist and separatist".