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The woman was found on the beach unusual creatures

. A resident of the city of Mandurah, Western Australia, found on the coast of unusual creatures, some of which were similar to the unusual "egg", reports Yahoo News.

The woman had published on his page in Facebook a series of photos of their latest finds on the beach. The footage was captured with a variety of plants and animals washed up by the waves.

In Australia due to shark attack killed 20-year-old diver

In Australia, the 20-year-old diver died after a shark attack off the coast of Queensland, according to ABC News.

For athlete attacked on the Eastern side of Fraser island. Doctor and nurse at the scene provided first aid until rescuers arrived by helicopter. But the diver that the shark bit his leg, has died on the shore, reported the Queensland ambulance service.

In Australia a helicopter crash killed a child and an adult

Man and girl killed, another adult and child were seriously injured in the crash of a helicopter in the Australian state of Western Australia, according to the district police Kimberly.

The police said that the helicopter crashed in the suburbs of the village of Broome. Police called to the scene at 14.35 local time (09.35 GMT).